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High School Formal Photography:

We have a fun team of professional photographers that will ensure even the most camera shy, will feel like a star on their special night. We do book out quickly during Formal Week in November so please get in touch early.

Sitting Info:

Your sitting is free on the night. You only need to purchase the prints you like after your event. Purchase singularly or in a pack to save money.

Click here for our Formals Pricelist. (This will open in a new window as a PDF document)

Our studio on location is available before and after the ceremony. We will take several photographs of you by yourself, with your partner and family members, if required. Groups are available on request.

Need more info?

Contact us HERE

We can provide -
*Studio Set Ups
*Large Class Group Shot
*Roving Photographer
*Red Carpet Arrival
*Fun Props
*Raffle Prizes

After your sitting, we will give you a handout explaining when and where your proofs will be ready to view. It's that easy. If you have had your graduation/formal event, then go to proof-viewer page and follow the instructions.

All photographs are available singularly or in packages in these sizes -

5x7 inch
8x12 inch
11x14 inch
16x20 inch

We have on offer many Single Photographs & Photo Packages (save money) for you to choose from.


Photos are only displayed on the internet for a limited time, there may be a archival fee payable if you order after the allotted time.

You may order photo packages and singular photos at the same time. The Total Cost will be automatically performed for you. It will also include postage amounts.


All orders received are sent a reply note to your email address to advise that we have received your order.

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